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It is time to get your swirl on!!!

Recently I won a contest showing why I run through the Swirlgear Ambassador group.  Since I won this contest you could win 1 Swirlgear capped sleeve shirt of your choosing!!


Swirlgear is a brand that I am absolutely in love with. This Chicago based Women run company is full of exciting women who aim to provide comfortable athletic apparel while still being aware of the fit and the design.  I have found it difficult to find running clothes that fit properly and are cute. I dislike running in a shirt that has no shape and feels boxy. Swirlgear is fitted and has survived many runs with me included my dreaded half marathon.

Now here is your chance to win!!!! Click the Rafflecopter link below enter to win your choice of 1 Swirlgear Capped Sleeve T-Shirt.

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Good Luck and Swirl on!!

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Chicago Half Marathon and some exciting news!!!!!!

So I definitely learned the true meaning of perseverance, determination, and friendship this past weekend.  I had been training hard and was so very ready for my very first half marathon. Here it is September 8th the Chicago Half Marathon and I am running with my best friend.



Typical race day preparation started with an early morning wake up and trip down to the city! This was going well until the unorganized parking set up of the race. Never had I had to wait almost an hour to pull into a parking lot for a race. If this was a Springsteen concert I would have been okay. I should have taken this as a sign.  Once finally parked we make our way to the corrals which are surprisingly very open. It seems like everyone was having issues parking and getting to the race on time.  With less then 5 mins in the corrals and next to no time to stretch the race was on. Not how I would have ideally loved to start the race but it is what it is.  Anyway I was fine up until mile 10 when my right leg felt like in sunk into quick sand. My right had popped. This is something that has happened to me before but never while running and never during a race. I walked it off a bit then began to pick up my pace and well that was some of the worst pain ever. I was determined to finish my first half marathon and not have to ride back in the van that picked up those who have fallen off pace so I did the only thing I could think of. I hobbled 3 miles to the finish. As I was hobbling, with one mile to go I saw my best friend sitting on the side looking for me. Apparently since I was taking a lot longer that I had anticipated my friend Ashley and my mom were starting to get worried.  Ashley did exactly what a best friend would do, she “ran” next to me to get me to the finish line. She let me go on my own the last quarter mile so I crossed the finish on my own.



Well I did it. I finished my first half marathon in just over 3 hours but well I finished. I was disappointed in myself but I was reminded that I have only been running for just over a year and completing the race is the most important thing. I did not give up and now I can look back with pride and I can look forward to my next race. 




Now onto the exciting news!!!!

I received word today that I am going to be running with the American Liver Foundation Team for Research at the one and only Boston Marathon!!! Boston is not only my favorite place but being present at the horrific acts at last years marathon made more determined than ever to want to take part in the 2014 marathon. The American Liver Foundation is also near to my heart considering my mother had 3/4 of her liver removed due to tumors and currently she is healthy and has a happy liver that had regenerated. 

I am so honored and excited and nervous and a bit scared about the marathon but it means so much to me that I know I will finish!


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Run Forest Run……..

So my 10 mile run yesterday was a mix of emotions. I started off determined and ready to take the run by storm. Once I hit mile three the beautiful Chicago heat and humidity that was hanging around at 6:30 pm was beginning to really irritate me. I starting telling myself that it would be okay to cut my run short. Then I would talk myself out of it and tell myself that I set out to do 10 miles and I have my Camelbak full of cold water and I am not a quitter.

This internal banter with myself continued the whole run and I even contemplated calling for someone to pick me up halfway through but I didn’t I finished the distance that I had intended to run. I finished 10 miles in just about the same time that I had completed my 10 mile race in May (that is my longest race so far). With this time I should have been happy but instead I started doubting myself and doubting my ability to run the half marathon I have in 2 weeks.

Why was I doubting myself? I am not the fastest runner but I run anyway and I run at my pace and it typically never bugs me but yesterday it did.  Where was all this negativity coming from? I think too many times we question are abilities when we should really being challenging ourselves and pushing ourselves to see just how far we can go.

I go rid of these pestering thoughts as quick as I could by comparing myself to one specific runner…Forest Gump.  This may seem like an odd comparison but to me it makes total sense. See everything has really been a challenge for me and I have always had to work to succeed (which is how I think things should be). Now Mr. Gump was a fast runner and he just kept running and running and running but there was a time where he was “limited” in his abilities.  Like Forest, I was a young kid who got to experience the joys of leg braces.  My right hip sits and my right leg turns in. I was told that I would never be a ballerina by one instructor because of this (not because of my short stature). Well I danced for 12 years and had to concentrate on my turnout but I wasn’t a failure.  Like Forest I took a challenge and I stared it down and owned it. So now whenever I start to doubt myself in my running ventures I will think back to my former self with blonde long hair sporting some pretty sweet leg braces with saddle shoes attached and I will run. I will run because I can. Because the pain I feel makes me feel alive. I will run because I enjoy it and not because I need to be the best at it.


There are those lovely braces.

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Let’s cheer for….strangers

Sign I made for my friend at Boston. I was too excited to hold it up so it will be making an appearance at the Chicago Marathon!

Sign I made for my friend at Boston. I was too excited to hold it up so it will be making an appearance at the Chicago Marathon!

My Mom and I at the Race to Wrigley 2013

My Mom and I at the Race to Wrigley 2013

Let’s be real. Races would not be the same without spectators. I have been to races with few spectators, races with many spectators, and I have been a spectator. The crowd is a crucial part of the racing experience in my opinion.

There is something to be said for complete strangers cheering you on making you proud of yourself and giving you that extra boost of energy. There comes a time in every race when I think to myself why did I think this was a good idea. At that moment a scream from a child and cheer from a stranger and a funny sign (some featuring Ryan gosling never hurt) gives me the extra push and reminds me why I run.

My mom often is there to support me. I sometimes see her as I’m in my final stretch or when I cross the finish line. I feel proud in those moments and in means a lot to have a familiar face cheering me on.

Being a spectator at the Boston Marathon this year was an experience that cannot be topped. Before the horrific acts of that day, I am blessed to have memories of the kind people who became my friends that day. I found a perfect spot to watch the race, pulled out my iPad and watched a couple movies (yes I was waiting a long time for the first finishers to reach my location towards the finish line). As more people took their spots I began bonding with these once strangers over our Dunkin Donuts. As the finishers began to pass by people who were taking a break from work and others their to support a friend or family member continuously cheered and clapped for those who likely could not hear us. We all talked about who we were there to support and just became more then strangers in those moments. When I saw my friend approaching I yelled with such pride and happiness and the new friends around me staring yelling for my friend as well. This was a moment that gave me goosebumps and this is a great memory that I use when I need a smile when I think that day.

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Riding at work

Spending 10 hours a day at work and an hour commute each way clearly takes up most of my time. I typically fit in three strength training sessions a week and this is not including the runs I try to fit in. I feel like I struggle to get my fitness in to the level I would like. To take advantage of the 10 hours of the day that I am sitting behind a computer at desk I made a new purchase! One of my coworkers showed me that he had bike pedals under his desk and I immediately wen online, hit up and ordered myself one of these little contraptions. So excited to begin pedaling my way through the work day. Will keep you posted on how I feel it is going!!


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Why I started a Blog!

Recently I became a Brand Ambassador for a great line of activewear created for women by women. Be able to communicate with a group of amazing and inspiring women led me to want to share my adventures, questions, triumphs, and just fun stories as I run to an undetermined goal. So I possessed the desire to create a blog but still held back until one day someone (who will remain nameless) decided that my most recent running goal of completed a 50K by the time I turned 31 (I just turned 28) was a joke.

Now I can be very sarcastic but believe it or not there are times when I am serious. I know thats shocking!! I must say that I have some pretty tough skin but this moment hurt. I did not know how to react so I did what any Irish/German girl from Chicago would do. I used this as fuel to my fire.

I will be preparing a nice gift basket to send to this unnamed individual when I complete my 50K. When that will be I am not sure. Right now I am simply taking it one mile, one race at a time. Next up my first half marathon in September and after that my first marathon next fall.

Word to the wise do not tell a runner they cant in fact do not tell anyone they can’t. Where there is a will there is a way. A person’s spirit should not be broken down by one person or one event. This can be seen everywhere but it can especially be seen in the running community.

Take any negative energy and turn it around and use it to push yourself. That is the core of my spirit and that is what I will do!Image

Above photo is of my best friend Ashley (Blonde on the right) and myself (the Redhead to the left) after dominating the Soldier Field 10 miler May 2013. This is something I thought I would never do and guess what….DID IT!!!!!